Medical Uses of Tibetan Singing Bowls

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Singing Bowls is one of the many instruments that make music. However, if you haven't learnt to play one yet, it's probably going to be very difficult for you. The main reason why most people who haven't tried playing a singing bowl don't do it is because they think it's so difficult. It's true that they have trouble holding the sounds well enough, but they're also missing out on what makes music great.

Meditation has long been considered as a relaxing activity. It can also help participants achieve deeper levels of relaxation by eliminating the physical pains that hinder them from feeling well. The Singing Bowls meditation involves participants completing a series of postures while they listen to the bowl sound in a silent environment. While not meditating physically, participants completed a variety of different types of poses that help with both mental and physical well being.

The Singing Bowls sound healing technique assists participants in experiencing the benefits of meditation without having to meditate on their own. While there's nothing about the bowl that needs to be meditated on, participants focus their postures and the sounds they produce to feel the effects of meditating. When combined with the bowls meditation, participants should expect to experience deeper levels of relaxation and peace, as well as a heightened sense of well being and connection with the Earth. The Singing Bowls sound healing technique can help participants experience mood improvement, which makes it beneficial for mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and mood instability.

Aside, from helping participants achieve deeper relaxation and a heightened sense of well being, the Singing Bowls also relieves physical pain. A number of users who downloaded the Singing Bowls have reported alleviation of joint and muscle pain, reducing back pain, as well as pain associated with headaches. It is not immediately clear whether these claims are valid, but the Singing Bowls does appear to offer something that the likes of Google Scholar can't: an instrument that can remove pain.

While there is no guarantee of spiritual benefit when using Singing Bowls, some users have described a sense of connecting with nature. According to the company website, the Singing Bowls actually recreates the sounds of a natural bird song. Users report that they don't feel a connection with the product or the spiritual messages they emit, but rather a sense of connection with nature and other participants. When participants feel a connection to nature, it may be because the sound they produce are similar to the sound of birdsong. This isn't to say that all users will create a spiritual connection; it is more likely that spiritual enlightenment will result from regular use of the Singing Bowls. Because the sounds are soothing, meditative and can even help participants lose weight, the Singing Bowls can be considered a potentially powerful health product.

With some reservation, the Singing Bowls appears to be a relatively safe health product. The only report of long term adverse effects was from one user who had arthritis. He said that he began to notice that his pain decreased after the first week. Since the Bowls produce no sound when played, there are no worries about getting feedback from others who might experience the same results. For the relatively low cost of roughly $20, it is easy to see how Singing Bowls could become a mainstream medical tool. For more go to